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EGVN Features

For their own sustainability, companies should manage their relations with vendor firms systematically and in a controlled manner. For companies that run many projects at the same time, in all processes from planning to delivery of goods or services, relations with firms contacted should be accurately defined and managed and vendor firms should be objectively inspected and assessed. With the vendor information pool and the flexible vendor evaluation system it features, EGVN is your greater helper for ensuring the monitoring, recording, reporting of these operations and meeting the quality demands of the process.

Your projects and worksites, workshops and storages, branches and offices may be spread out at different locations around the world. Wherever you may be in the world, as long as you have internet access, you may access EGVN, carry out functions and produce reports.


Detailed Vendor Data

EGVN records all data for vendors in detail and allows for their follow-up. It allows for defining vendors with which you have never worked or had a relationship before. With EGVN you can class vendors by category and access entire data for all vendors or filter them in detail. It allows you to find a specific vendor and to view all defined data on that record.

Updating Vendor Information

EGVN allows for information of the vendor card for a vendor of goods and services to be updated by users, or the vendor themselves, in line with their level of authorisation and thus keeping vender data up-to-date. It allows for the vendor to update their own information within bounds of authorisation and for these updates to be recorded in the system following the approval mechanism. Changes made to vendor data are notified to EGVN users for information and approval. Vendors can define themselves in the system and all change records can be logged and monitored.

Following-Up Documents for Vendors

EGVN allows for all documents for vendors of goods and services to be recorded under different categories on the vendor card and for their monitoring. With EGVN many documents can be followed from a single point, including publicity flyers, pre-qualification documents, quality assurance documents, certificates, correspondence, financial assessment results, inspection and control documents.

Evaluating Vendors

EGVN allows for vendors to be scored on system and for the reporting of scoring while the process is underway or once it is over. An evaluation scheme may be formed using various criteria and revised in line with needs. More than one user in different capacities can carry out evaluations and give performance scores to vendors. A pre-set colour scale based on vendor score can be used to colour code the vendors on the main screen. EGVN allows for sharing the evaluation link with relevant persons by e-mail.


EGVN provides detailed reports for all recorded information. It allows for the vendor information pool to be monitored on a single system and immediate access to the information desired. It features the ability to filter vendor information on reports by different criteria. With its feature allowing for transfer of data to MS Excel, it is possible to publish the list on screen as an MS Excel file. With the scheduled report sending tool it can periodically send reports to users and users can view the reports falling within their authorisation.