Why EGPS"Global Procurement System"? | ENKA Systems

Why Use EGPS?

With EGPS Earn While Buying


EGPS global procurement system allows you to have information throughout the process of demands, purchases, orders processed and payments made.

EGPS controls for current and standing contracts and allows users to produce detailed reports.

Procurement Standards


The global procurement system allows for standardising processes and minimising deviations.


EGPS develops cooperation among internal departments and allows for the correct direction of the organisation, vendors being used in line with contracts and prevents non-contract purchases.

Reduce Costs

With EGPS global procurement system purchase costs are lowered through scale or by structuring relations with vendors. With EGPS, quality and vendor performance are improved and unnecessary costs are lowered to improve the system. Procurement documentation, returns and errors are minimised.

Operational Efficiency

EGEM equipment management software may be accessed online from any location.


EGPS makes internal processes such as order follow-up and contracts and leads to greater operational efficiency.


As these activities may be defined without human intervention, the durations are shortened and downward processes are made faster.

Global Diversity

EGPS supports various currencies, languages and logistics options that allow for easy procurement of resources from countries around the world. Web based procurement system connects the buyer with vendors around the world and gives you access to a wider range of goods and services to choose from.

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