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EGPS (Global Procurement System) – Overview

EGPS (Global Procurement System) is a global procurement and storage management software that allows to record and control all stages of machinery and equipment purchases that make up the greater part of the costs of companies that run large scale projects in many locations around the world.

EGPS is a comprehensive software for following the procurement process from beginning to end, including receiving offers, issuing tenders, evaluating offers, ordering, transfer, storage acceptance, stock taking and exit of supplies from storage.

Global Procurement System

A web based application, EGPS allows hundreds of users around the world to access procurement data securely and in keeping with the level of authorisation they have been assigned by the system administrator. The supply procurement chain for large scale projects involves activities spread out over many countries and locations and those following-up the supplies, responsible for the budget, purchase officers and users may be located at different offices. It is crucial for all of these users to access procurement data from their locations without loss of time for the procurement to take place without mishaps. Users may access the EGPS application from notebook computers, tablets and smart devices to view and approve screens.

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