Why EGHR"Global Human Resources System"? | ENKA Systems

Why Use EGHR?

EGHR is a multinational Human Resources Programme that is compatible with all legislation

Institutional Memory

With the EGHR global personnel management system all information for personnel is kept at a single centre and constitute institutional memory. There is no need to go down to archives to look for files and folders on personnel. With EGHR , all documents for employers and employees are kept ready for use in a single location.

Collect all information that is significant for your work, including general contact details, pay rates, benefit records, accruals and data on training and performance reviews in customisable fields. Keep all your human resources records on EGHR with easy-to-use navigation tabs.

Advanced Data Security


Documents such as personnel files of employees, claims accruals, labour cost follow-up and leave permits can be followed-up and with password protection, personal information is kept secure.


EGHR only allows authorised personnel to reach important files and ensures the confidentiality of company data.

Compatibility with National Legislations

Large projects employ a lot of workers to be realised. These employees may be citizens of different countries, which will require the employer to abide by different legislations. EGHR features the flexibility to calculate and report claims accruals based on the legislation of different countries and with this flexible infrastructure it easily adjusts to new laws and legislation.

Managing Performance and Teams

As in every other sector, in the construction sector too good employees demand better conditions and administrators want to back up good performance with data.


EGHR personnel management system allows for performance evaluation by authorised persons and makes it easier to manage teams.


A person can be assigned to a project, sent to another or be part of more than one team. Identifying targets, following them up and managing them is much easier with EGHR .

Time Management

Leave, sickness and compassionate leave and payments and cuts to be calculated accordingly can be carried out automatically using EGHR human resources system.

Follow-Up of Training and Certification


With EGHR you can enter data for training for personnel in many fields including type of certification, information on the organisation providing the training, persons to attend the training, hours completed, costs incurred and more. It is possible to assign automatic reminders for future renewals of certification and assess trainings and attendance of employees with reports.