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EGHR Features

EGHR has a flexible infrastructure that can be customised according to different legislation to be followed by companies and projects in different countries. At present the system can draw up payroll for many countries based on national legislation. Especially for companies that undertake international work and run many projects at the same time, the follow-up of personnel files of employees, documents and legal transactions are very significant.

EGHR allows you to follow-up all these transactions through a single system, in keeping with legislation and makes it easier to monitor your processes with its flexible reporting features.


Personnel Operations

EGHR allows for all data of employees to be recorded and followed-up in detail. Managing hiring and termination operations, monitoring and reporting personnel work histories is done from a single spot and very easily using EGHR . EGHR makes it possible to record the personnel, organisational and legal information of employees, to rapidly list employees’ data and to filter them according to desired information.

In-company assignment demands for required personnel in projects can be followed up with personnel demands.

Scoring Follow Up

EGHR allows for daily recording of personnel scoring and easy identification of pay accruals. EGHR allows for person based scoring entries and the transfer of collected scores. EGHR has a feature allowing to integrate external systems with scoring data. Scoring data can be reported and data for pay claims can be drawn up. EGHR allows overtime and holiday work records to be kept and reported accurately and regularly.

Accruals Operations

EGHR features the flexibility to calculate and report claims accruals based on the legislation of different countries and with this flexible infrastructure it easily adjusts to new laws and legislation. It is possible to formulise regular additional payments or cuts other than salaries and to form an automatic payroll. Additional payments, cuts or other payroll parameters may be transferred to the system as a whole from MS Excel files. Users have the ability to design reports according to their own criteria and to filter report data parametrically. Using EGHR labour cost distribution can be reported and data may be prepared automatically for the social security system.

Leave Management

EGHR allows employees to form leave demands that will pass through the approval of the relevant administrator and therefore allows for personnel leave claims and use to be followed-up systematically through the system. It is possible to define leave types and durations by country and project working principles and thereby to allow for leave in keeping with national legislation and the calculation of leave claims and payments. Employees who demand leave can record their demands and convey their leave demands to approval by relevant administrators using visual calendars. With EGHR leave claims and leave days used can be reported actually or for the future.

Training Follow-Up and Performance Assessment

EGHR allows for establishing schedules for in-company or external training plans and for the reporting of personnel training data and works compatibly with the performance assessment system established according to company policy. Using EGHR , it is possible to lay out training plans, define training resources, identify persons to take part in trainings and assess those who take part. With EGHR , whether personnel at different assignments and who need different trainings have completed the required training can be followed-up and monitored. EGHR allows for authorised people to carry out performance assessment with flexible question sets and at planned periods.

Documents Follow-Up

EGHR allows for recording all documents for employees and access to them on demand in line with user authorisation as well as the rapid identification and reporting of missing documents. All kinds of documents, including CVs, certificates, ID information and contracts can be entered into the system and document categories may be formed.


Using EGHR , it is possible to report the list of present personnel documents or the personnel missing documents list as a whole, by personnel, by project or by other criteria. EGHR allows for free generation of reports with the Report Generator that is available on every screen.