Why EGFS"Global Finance System"? | ENKA Systems

Why Use EGFS?

Multicurrency, multi-location, faultless operations with EGFS

Do Things Easily and Save Time

EGFS enters all financial transactions including bills, deposit and banking operations, personnel expense statements, payroll and accrual records with separate data entry screens and allows for even people with very little accounting knowledge to do bookkeeping.

EGFS integrates bookkeeping and accounting functions and saves time for employees and supervisors to save on time by carrying out operations faster.

Central Management


At the same time EGFS allows for companies active at more than one location to manage important business processes such as payroll, billing and inventory management from a single centre at the same time.


Other than making financial processes more efficient, EGFS helps you make great savings on time and money.

Regular and Faultless Organisation

Finance and accounting programmes prevent simple mistakes and losing bills. EGFS stores all data and information securely and with back-ups. With EGFS you can examine bills, reprint them and send them again. Furthermore, you can search for bills by number, name and amount. As EGFS organises all data regularly, the process is easy, fast and faultless.

Control and Work by Budget

Global finance software EGFS includes many tools for the follow-up of project costs.


It supports companies in staying within their budget through financial analysis and strategic planning. Allowing administrators to predict the course, assess scenarios and analyse vital market trends, it forms the basis of successful business strategies.


Allowing for the entry of cost codes of all transactions, it provides the opportunity for budget controls and project-based assessment.

Multicurrency Transactions

For companies active at more than one location and operating under the financial system of more than one country, EGFS allows for an account for a transaction to be kept using both the company’s currency of origin and the currency of the desired country. In calculating and recording differences arising from currency fluctuations, the EGFS takes central bank rates as basis.

Online Solutions


EGFS allows access to documents such as bills, invoices and receipts from your smart phone or tablet. You can view any documents you want independently of time and place and carry out transactions over them.

E-Bills and E-Accounts

In order to make institutional transactions easier, to prepare bills and invoices faster and to prevent the possibility of bills becoming lost, many firms use the e-billing application. EGFS is integrated with e-bills and e-accounting and thereby e-bills are automatically entered onto the system for accounting.



EGFS can provide detailed reports about your financial processes and helps you watch money flow. It allows for you to see the clear picture in terms of costs, overhead and income. With EGFS’s filtering feature, you can carry out in-depth operations and provide important reports based on the type of information you have entered.