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BIM Suite Features

BIM Models

3D BIM models with the IFC extension can be viewed directly on EDMS without the need for any other software. While supporting BIM standards, EDMS also works in accordance with company procedures, employer conditions and the legislation of different countries.

Multiple BIM Display

On EDMS, more than one BIM model may be displayed at the same time and functions may be carried out on these models. Different buildings within the project and their models can be displayed at once. BIM models for various disciplines within the project, including statics, mechanics and electricity can be listed in overlays.

BIM Model Version Follow-Up

BIM Models may be followed-up over different versions and the differences between models can be displayed on EDMS. Files from documents used to form BIM models (Revit®, AllPlan® etc.) can be stored in relations to relevant models and followed-up over versions.

BIM Model Measurement and Sectioning

With EDMS BIM Suite, the measurements of any structural element can be displayed via models, from point to point calculations and dynamic sections from different angles can be taken.

BIM Model-Document Relationship

Components within BIM models may be connected to relevant documents and accessed over the 3D model.

Work Notices Creation and Follow-Up

Project errors, incompatibilities and changes may be marked in the BIM models and work notices may be formed using BCF. Task allocation and workflows may be entered on work notices. Using EDMS, the progress of work and current status can be followed-up easily.