What Are the Benefits of the Right Process Management Software?

What is Process Management? According to the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard, it is defined as a set of interrelated and interactive activities that turn inputs into output. In the companies, the process is identified as all kinds of business made by different employees from different departments or with the cooperation of multiple departments. These processes can be activities that facilitate coordination and define the workflow between departments or employees alongside activities that create value for clients.

The digital transformation and global competition environment that finds out with the advancing technology creates the need to use software to real-time process control in companies. Every process is different from each other. Some processes are easy, some are more complex, comprehensive, and affect more people. At this point, the software that can be designed for different processes with different features will be one step ahead. Flow diagrams designed with the right process management software provide ensuring coordination in all teams, creation a traceable environment, and minimizing risks. Process management software also offers a systematic approach that enables more effective, safer management of workflows within the company.

Cost Efficiency

We can say that budgetary savings, which more widely used in companies in the past years, are not a very valid option for controlling cost management in today’s competitive market. It is a stubborn fact that instead of budgetary savings, companies have started to take actions that increase efficiency and reduce costs by using advanced technologies. At this point, business processes controlled by the right process management software come into prominence. With process management software, you can facilitate your business operations, a collaboration between departments and employees. As a result of the automation of repetitive tasks,  product/service quality increases, corporate risks minimize. Therefore cost efficiency increases.

With the EDMS Global Document Management System, one of the ENKA Systems solutions, you can design different workflows for different processes, and control processes in real-time.

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Advanced Collaboration and Business Agility

The right process management allows you to manage collaboration between departments and employees more quickly and effectively, allowing you to advance comprehensive workflow processes in simple steps. You can bring agility to your company with flexible process management systems where you can revise workflows when needed, adapt your existing workflows to your new business processes in a short time and customize them easily. Thus, while bureaucratic operations reduce, access to information is facilitated by the data kept on the common data environment. At the same time, everyone who uses the system gets real-time notifications about the required information, dirty data disappears, and collaboration is provided between team members.

Saving on Time

Imagine that you follow the countless documents that require the opinions of different employees from different departments and are waiting for the approval of different people. For each of them, you may be spending a lot of time unwittingly to talk with the relevant person, to remind them, to send an e-mail, to call, and to complete the approval process of the documents. The workflows designed with the process management software digitalize your approval and review processes. Therefore, you will save on time. In today’s active business environment, with the web-based document management systems, you can quickly access critical documents, approve documents without sitting at a desk and send comments about documents you review. Thus, you can make more time for your main business and focus on activities that will increase your customer satisfaction.

Compliance with Quality Standards

It is impossible to think of process management independently from the document. You can create organizational memory in your company with the document management systems where any kind of documents can be archived digitally. Document management systems that allow you to create flow diagrams will also support you in compliance with quality standards and legal requirements. You can define workflow diagrams following the procedures, apply process management following standards, and reveal your documents and approval processes at internal and external audits. Systems that can keep advanced revision and version history records will also be the guarantee of accountability.

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Consistency and Measurability

With workflow diagrams, each task is carried out as planned and designed.  The roles and responsibilities of all relevant departments/positions on different documents, from invoices to drawing files, from a quality, and hse forms to contracts, are determined from the beginning of the process. Thus, all teams can work in the coordination and consistency with the common data-sharing system. Via the document management systems which are integrated workflow and flexible reporting tools, processes can be measured end-to-end and, compared with expected results.


If your company works with an old-fashioned and traditional business model, it’s time to make a change today!

Research shows that companies that make the right changes at the right time adapt to the global competitive environment more easily.  With the document management system software that contains an effective workflow module, you can reveal your existing processes and quickly design your new business processes.