Is It Difficult to Use Document Management System (DMS)?

In an age where almost everything is digital, it is hard to believe that some businesses still chose to rely on traditional systems to manage their documents. It is diffucult to change our old habits, but it is often the main source of all our problems.

A mid-level Office worker spends almost %50 of his working time to create, prepare and search documents.  Thanks to an appropriate document management system these employees can easily create, prepare, send and find documents within seconds, thus saving time for their main work.

Purpose of Document Management System and Interface (UI)

Although Document Management Systems are not as much as process software like an ERP, it contains the procedure, operation and way of doing your business. Beyond being a software, it is your quality platform.  All your documents, files, drawings, R&D Works are kept in the system. Designing all these properly, smoothly and in a harmony determines the difficulty of using the system.

Document Management Systems do not contain very complex functions that will be difficult for normal users.  The purpose of the software system is to digitize the manual operation carried out over printed documents in the current practical life.  It aims to accomplish this without losing time to users, in a fast, practical, but in a certain order.  The correct versions of all the files sought can be found easily, the approvals can be given without delay and access to the files only according to the organizational authority scheme; these are the core functions of the system.

Enterprise applications can be a very efficient and effective management system, but the most important issue here is that the interface (UI) to be used while performing all these operations is not difficult and can be used by users. This is the most important factor that determines the complexity of software projects. Performing the operation that users want to do with minimum number of click, requires an interface to be designed with serious analysis.  There are many studies in the literature showing the effect of ease of use on user satisfaction in the Corporate Document Management Software.  Almost all studies show a positive and strong relationship between software with user friendly UI and user satisfaction. As the user friendly interface of the ERP software categorically increases, user satisfaction also increases. When user satisfaction increases, resistance decreases and the efficiency of document management system increases.”

Effect of Management Support

Management support is essential for an enterprise to deploy any software actively and successfully. A software project with no management support behind it, encounters user resistance due to the technical, emotional or different reasons. Continuous control and transparency brought by Document Management System’s workflow can disturb users, Doküman Yönetim Sistemi’nin iş akışlarının getirdiği sürekli kontrol ve şeffaflık kullanıcıları rahatsız edebilir, long-term employees may resist on system change and may not want to use the new system, design of software may not please employees, technical features that are not actually required can be requested.  Simply the transition process can be difficult.  For all these reasons, management support is essential for the success of a document control software Project.

Appropriate Choices to Business Processes in Document Management System

Software that is suitable for the ecosystem of the work topic and in line with your business processes, is faster to implement and that would be easier to use by the employee.  Software specially designed for your sector and business processes is one step ahead at this stage.  Users can easily perform their practical life operations in digital environment too with a software solution suitable for their business processes and it is not difficult to use.  As a result, software efficiency and success increases.

Impact of Organization Chart

The correct selection of the personnel who will use the document management system is also important for ease of use.  Since the difficulty and convenience ratings of Document Management Software are completely dependent on the feedback of your staff, the organization chart should be rearranged in accordance with the variation of the system.  Getting used to digital document management system will undoubtedly be longer and more difficult for a user who is not open to change and not very close to technology rather than the users who are keeping up the technology.

An organization chart that is prepared and arranged according to all these specifications, accelerates the integration of the software in your company, contributes to efficiency, increases productivity and shortens the time for Return on investment (ROI).

Expectations and Reality

During the selection of the document management system, companies should determine their needs and expectations in best way. The software company and its teams must have the experience and the competence to understand these requests.  They should guide you and help you to analyse your needs.  The correct implementation protects you from problems and turmoil thay may occur in the future.  It provides easy use, increases employee satisfaction, adds value to your employee and makes them valuable.

Accurate analysis of expectations will affect users satisfaction as the actual and expected results will increase the match ratio. This minimizes employee resistance and increases the success rate of the software project.

After Sales and Support  

Correct, solution-oriented, appropriate for processes, strong content training that will be given by a high level of industry knowledge can minimize the feedbacks that may arise such as difficulty of use. The main reason for the feedbacks as “it is difficult to use” is, that the employee does not understand the program.

In case of working with a company that provides proper post-sales services after a strong training, such problems can be significantly reduced. Employees’ problems can be solved easily without grow up, software satisfaction rate can be increased.

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