How To Reduce Your Costs on Equipment Maintenance and Repair Processes?

As in every sector operates on global scale, evolving conditions and ecosystem on construction sector affects profitability constantly making life difficult and difficult. With the increase in the number of companies operating in the same sector and business line, competition increases a lot. This end up with;

  • Increases on needs for trained personnel,
  • Reduce on potential earnings due to increased expenses (salary, materials, etc.),
  • Increase on personnel-borne risks

One of the critical tools to adapt to this change and stand out in competition is using optimized and efficient equipment management systems on daily processes.

The logic of Equipment Management Systems is actually quite simple: it aims to do the most work with the least cost. It focuses on several main factors to achieve this goal.

Machine Performance – Machines with good/strict preventive and periodic maintenance schedules perform at the highest level of their capacity. They fail less and do more work with less operating costs.

Machine Health – Service and spare part needs of the equipment used with the right personnel and instructions under the right conditions can be dramatically reduced. With equipments increased efficiency, it wont let you down in difficult situations by providing more reliable performance when you need it.

Preventive and Periodic Maintenance Schedules – Preventive maintenance is a regular planned check that aims to prevent problems that can cause major malfunctions through periodic checks on equipment. This minimizes unplanned machine stop time, increases efficiency, and largely prevents downtimes in production.

Safety – Regularly maintained equipments has reduced risk of causing accidents since this will reduce the risk of instantaneous critical failures. Telemetry integration can provide extra protection and awareness in this regard. Active use of IoT technologies (Geo-fence, fuel automation, RFID etc.) in equipment tracking prevents theft and unauthorized use of the equipments by carefully monitoring their location and use.

Now there is a better way to get the information you need to manage your equipment so you can get the most out of it.

EGEM System
Benefits of Using Equipment Management Systems

1. Reduces Expenses

Regularly schduled Equipment Maintenance and Repair Processes helps prevent critical breakdowns that may require high costs on your equipment.

  • It supports the maintenance of efficiency by giving priority to the tasks that will cause extra costs.
  • Provides data to help you better manage direct expenses such as labor, fuel, maintenance and repair.
  • With its integrated automation and RFID systems, it offers reporting functions that can reduce your total fuel costs.

2. Improve Operations

Tracking real-time location and live performance status of your machines allows you to make more efficient and accurate decisions for your business.

Equipment management software guides you through the following equipment processes:

  • Improve productivity by monitoring active working time, machine utilization rate, equipment aging, depreciation and how fast your team can produce solutions
  • Save inspection and repair costs by planning inspection, preventive or periodic maintenance according to need and usage
  • To reach the most optimum use by ensuring that your equipment is used at the right time with the right operator at the right place

In this way, you can visibly increase your operational process efficiency in equipment management.

3. Manage Your Personnel

Equipment Management Systems should be appropriate and usable for your industry, company and employees. It should never make you lose time with difficult interfaces.

Equipment management software give you ability to track your equipment usage responsibility level with the integrated job tracking system. It monitors additional costs that may arise from operator improper equipment usage in real time and reports it to you through the dashboard.

With fuel automation system integrations, you can easily identify equipment that makes high fuel consumption from personnel, and take your precautions quickly and without loss.

4. Minimize Your Risk

According to the reports of the U.S.A. National Insurance Crime Bureau, the construction sector loses more than $ 1 billion a year due to equipment and vehicle theft, and this number increases by 20% each year. Also U.S. National Equipment Records state that only 10% of stolen assets can be recovered.

Theft is just one of the risks that equipment management technologies can help you avoid. However, it is the item with the largest share among the causes of economic losses. Equipment Management Software helps prevent this situation with real-time tracking.

  • With maintenance plans, it keeps your equipment neat and working to reduce accidents and injuries.
  • Improves equipment profitability by providing life-long cost tracking and renewing the aging equipment at the right time.
  • It helps you comply with legal regulations.
  • It is the guarantee of accountability in all conditions.


Equipment Management Systems and IoT systems are among the indispensable needs of businesses with large equipment park with all these benefits.

EGEM ”Global Equipment Management System” software developed by ENKA Systems is one of the most powerful systems in this field. Since 2010, EGEM has been actively used in many domestic and international projects of ENKA İnşaat.

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EGEM System