How To Increase Efficiency and Success in Equipment, Machinery and Inventory Management?

There are various types of software solutions available for equipment, machinery and inventory tracking both on local and global market.  Most of these solutions consist of software developed by construction equipment manufacturers. Almost all construction machinery manufacturers such as CAT, Hitachi, Komatsu etc. are included in these. For example; an ENKA subsidiary, ENKA Pazarlama, which is a Turkey distributor of the world’s leading machinery manufacturers such as Hitachi and Kawasaki, provides its Hitachi customers a global system for collecting data through Hitachi services. In this way, users can instantly access live usage data of their equipment. Similar systems are also available in different types of machines in other brands.

If companies do not use machinery & equipement management software, they have to manage their equipment parks consisting of machines of different types and brands through many different software resulting with lost efficiency and time loss. It is also important to note, some equipment may not be included in this type of systems due to the fact that global machinery companies cannot provide follow-up support equipment with older models.


Absence of an integrated system, and pushes you to work on complex excel lists which are vulnarable on errors. As a result of this situation, problems that create economic costs may arise. These errors can be increases in malfunctions as a result of disrupted maintenance, prolonged equipment downtime, and decrease in equipment availability. The solution to this problem lies in choosing equipment tracking software that you can manage your entire equipment park independently of brand and type.




Success Criterias in Machinery Equipment and Inventory Management


As in all sectors, the success criterion in the construction sector is to complete the Project commitments on time and within the expected budget. Any savings you will get from time and budget will return to you as a profit.

Equipment budgets, which is one of the important items among Project costs, can be reduced dramatically with the right equipment management software selection. With the accurate software solution, many different machines and equipment in different brands, types and models can be easily managed through a single system.

Operations can be managed for entire equipment park,

  • Depreciation Tracking
  • Cost Tracking
  • Cost of Ownership Based on KM and Hour
  • Preventive Maintenance and Work Orders
  • Machine Efficiency and Machine Timetable Tracking
  • Fuel Automation


These operations will increase your efficiency in your equipment management processes, provide profitability and multiply your success.

If you can make all these operations on a single system, the time you spend on paperwork and follow-up will be reduced and it will be much easier to operate it. With the efficiency gain provided by the systems, the number of personnel you need in equipment management will decrease over time, and your follow-up will be made smoothly and instantly from where anywhere, without being dependent on people.


Stock Management

In addition to all these benefits below, with the embedded stock management of equipment management systems designed according to your machinery equipment park, your stock costs will decrease and inert spare parts left at the end of the project can be prevented. According to your machine, equipment and inventory ownership, required spare part brands and models and which parts need to be changed in which maintenance can be planned. This project will help increase your profit.


Fuel Consumption Tracking

Using the most suitable brand and model of equipment for right conditions affects fuel consumption and direct costs. Ground conditions, lifted load and roughness will affect machine efficiency. You can easily see your most efficient equipments where you can track the fuel consumption of all your machines though equipment management system. You can easily compare the data of your equipment belonging to different brands of the same type. You can analyze costs of your equipments in Km or hour based usage. You can use this data to make a more accurate choice in your new equipment investments.


Depreciation and Cost Management

Tracking depreciation and cost of equipment is critical over profitability. When your equipment is getting closeto the end of its useful life, in some cases, selling and renting them may benefit you in terms of profit. Equipment tracking systems will guide you in this regard. In this way, you can easily track which equipment you have that cost more than the cumulative rental cost.


Technology and Integration

Technology of a web-based software in equipment and machine inventory management will provide you great gains in terms of mobility. In this way, you can easily and instantly access your equipment data wherever you are, whether on the site, on the road, or at your headquarters. It will be easier to use with a web-based system solution, there will be no installation  or system related problems since there will be no installation on local computers.

Integration is very important in all software. In order for the software to be more easily adopted by the employees, it should provide practicality to your processes. With the integration options, many different types of data such as inventory, HR, payroll, personnel and cost can be transmitted to your enterpreise resource systems. For example, the cost incurred as a result of the operation of a machine and a maintenance should be displayed in your accounting and finance software. Information about the personnel doing the job should be integrated with your HR software. In this way, you can maximize the efficiency of your equipment management processes and benefits.



Industry-specific equipment management occupies a niche position in technology. It is critical that preffered solution is suitable for you and meet your needs. Due to the nature of the construction industry, the resource that can be allocated for software implementation works is limited and implementation works must be completed quickly. To accomplish that, service provider firm should understand you and have experience on your sector

As ENKA Systems, with our EGEM “Global Equipment Management System” product in Equipment Management, we provide a comprehensive solution that allows you to track all your inventory such as all kinds of lifting equipment, work machines, hand tools. EGEM is a software used in many projects by ENKA İnşaat and its subsidiaries and includes 63 years of ENKA Know-How.

For more detailed information about our EGEM “Global Equipment Management System” product, please visit our website.