How to Choose Corporate Document Management System (DMS)?

If you don’t know what you’re trying to fix and optimize in your business processes, you can’t buy the right solution. Even though the quickly given technological investment decisions seems correct at the first stage, choices made without detailed analysis of business needs cannot produce successful results in the long term.

Document Management Systems are designed to help companies to be managed freely and transparently by getting out of the person-oriented management form, and switching to a system and Know-How oriented structure.

Below, we have listed control criterias for choosing right software for your company’s DMS needs.

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EDMS “Global Document Management System”

User Experience and Interface

Similar to any technological solution, user experience is very critical in corporate software systems. Selected document control software should provide a comfortable and hassle-free heuristic user interface (UI) that all of your staff can easily navigate through. You should choose an efficient system with clear and simple features. A powerful software with a confusing user interface gives you no benefit and will only disappoint employees.

Common Data Environment (CDE)

The document management system should provide a web-based Common Data Environment (CDE) where users can collaborate seamlessly. All file extensions that may be needed by your employee (.BIM, .ifc, .dwg, etc.) should be supported by the system and should be operational. Operations such as workflows, reviews and file approvals should be completed directly from the online platform without needing local workspaces.

Scalability and Authorization Mechanisms

You must be sure that the platform infrastructure supports necessary scalability for your business. It is preffered that flexibility of user roles and authorization system on global, large or scattered organizations should be scalable and customizable according to the changing structures because of dynamic environment. Roles should be assigned with a practical, easy and fast way for large number of employees in order to avoid major problems regarding the user authorizations. In this way, you can adapt to the growth of your company and manage your project-based business or group companies with different authority mechanisms on a single platform.

Suitability of Software for You

It is critical to choose the right document software that meets unique needs of your organization, specific to your industry, and has project management features, that greatly match the content and scope of your expectations. The software’s ready-to-use features will prevent unnecessary long implementations, time losses and high costs.

It is important considering not only today’s needs but also your future needs on your software comparison processes.

The Document Management System (DMS) is much more than a digital archive and contains many functions. The most important of these, workflows, ensures smooth and secure progress of your digital cycles. Since your DMS will be integrated with all of your systems and processes, you should choose a system that contains a comprehensive workflow management. In this way,  you can operate all your processes through the document management system (DMS) and make business process designs suitable for your company.


Software customizations are the constant needs of every company. In this sense, the software to be selected should always be in cutting-edge technology. SQL-based and. Net developed products are decisive at this point in many respects. With this support, you can create advanced queries and design customizable reports.

Negative Attitudes that Can Occur in Employees

Generally, users may be disturbed with the emerging new and comprehensive system which can take users out of their comfort zone and bringing great change. They may try to create a negative perception of the system. Since the systems will make efficiency analysis and work orders transparent, the personnel may be afraid that their job may be terminated by failing to adapt change or because of low performance.

It can create resistance to the system by employee claiming that the system does not speed things up, on the contrary, they cannot even work. In such cases, top management support may be needed for a untroubled implementation. Document Management Systems, like any other corporate software, are designed to help companies to be managed effectively and transparently, regardless of their employees.

Project Plan, Scope, Time Plan and Getting Live

On Document Management Systems ,similar to other technological solutions, the process is not completed after the purchase the software, its only the half way. After installation, implementation, customizations and developments will continue. In fact, this is where you will find out if the software you selected is right for you. If these processes can be done and makes you happy, this will be proof that you have made the right choice.

Otherwise, it means that you have a process that will take a long time, waste a lot of energy and require a big budget. For this reason, you should preffer ready for use structured DMS (Document management system) containing the digital form of your real processes. In this way, the systems can be brought to life in a short time and make you happy.

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