Are Document Management Systems Really Effective?

In a changing and globalizing world so many company are increasing their investments on information management systems. But are these investments are really effective, and do they provides benefits to companies?

Document Management Systems are actually the need of any company from all sizes local to worldwide. Because every business has continuous and growing document traffic. Firms are constantly in contact with different businesses and institutions, and this traffic is predominantly through printed documents.

Document control software enables a large number of business partners/shareholders from different locations to work in confidence and collaboration, while providing a common workspace where they can manage document-based business processes. It provides rapid creation, archiving, monitoring and easy access of all documents within the business. System is the assurance of accountability and corporate memory with its advanced features. Without document software systems, meaningful audits cannot be carried out, studies that are not in compliance with the procedures cannot be proven.

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EDMS “Global Document Management System”


Document Management for Global Operations

All kinds of documents such as drawings, BIM models, contracts, reports, charts, proposals among all stakeholders in a business should be managed quickly and efficiently. In complex projects, all these documents should be up-to-date and accessible in real time. At this point, the web-based cloud-supported document management system meet the needs of this complex environment.

Technical Factors Affecting Efficiency and Performance

Communication and Cooperation of All Stakeholders (CDE) providing a Web-Based Common Data Platform

  • Digital Business Processes and Flexible Workflows (BIM, .dwg etc.)
  • Online File Transfer and Sharing
  • Fast, Flexible, Reliable Mobile and E-Signature Supported Approvals
  • Real-Time Project Management (BIM Support)
  • Revision and Version Tracking (QR Code Integration etc.)
  • Advanced Search Engine (OCR, Metadata etc.)
  • Practical Authorization Mechanisms
  • Data Security
  • Reporting

The factors mentioned above are indispensable features of a document management system. It will be really difficult to use a document control software that does not meet these needs effectively throughout the enterprise.

Web-based collaboration platforms contribute to increase your productivity with its real-time structure while increasing cooperation among all stakeholders. It provides maximum benefit by using minimum resources.

Integrated workflows within Document Management Systems digitize and accelerate processes within your business. In this way, it facilitates increase on your productivity. Your processes can become trackable. It helps your corporate memory and Know-How, prevents current and future errors.

Controlled Document Sharings made from the system creates evidence for any work done within or outside the company. It keeps track of shared files with details such as, by whom, with whom, when and why. It prevents bad intentions and misused sharings. It contributes to prevent confusion and conflicts within the company. Document Management Systems helps to analyze the causes of problems correctly.

Document Management Softwares includes comprehensive approval processes within its features. Apart from more secure and controlled approval validity from different channels, the system must work integrated with e-signature and mobile signature platforms. All these applications should must-have functions to be reached from mobile devices.

The effectiveness of a document management system can only be reached with features to support all kinds of file types. For this reason, the system should support all file extensions you use in your organization inc .dwg, .ifc and .BIM files. Workflows cover and support all extensions and all type of files and should be able to be analyzed and interpreted within the authorization roles. With the effective use of these functions, operational risks can be minimized, personnel does not waste time on paperwork and approvals, and probability of errors within the enterprise can be reduced.

Most important features of an Archive and Document Control Software are undoubtedly ease to find searched files with correct version. Document Management Systems offers many integrated technological solutions in this regard. With OCR supported search engines, any content can be searched, metadata and tag searches can be filtered based on document informations. What’s more, content and type of the file can be detected automatically by the system, automatic positioning (ECM) of the file to the storage location can be provided with AI support.

QR code integrations are frequently used technological solutions to check whether the file is in the correct version or revision. The QR code on the physical output of the file can be easily read with a mobile device to check if the file is in the correct version.

Although a Document Management System incorporates advanced technological structures, the most important and critical issue is always authorization system. Companies can possess vertical organizational charts for large and global operations. This requires authorization systems like a multi-storey pyramid. For this reason, the system should include flexible authority mechanisms to support layered, project-based, multi-companied global structures suitable for practical life. Since the system is web-based and interactive, it should be very secure and it should not have any vulnerability. The security and integrity of the data must be protected at all times and must be in a structure that will never be permitted.

Most commonly used features by the top management always be reporting and auditing. Flexible, customizable and personizable reports should be easily designed and generated inside the system. All kinds of reports should be available.

Generation and sharings of reports should be placed on schedule and  processes automatically. It should not require reworks on Excel or mails. By these embedded features, an effective and productive usage can easily be achieved.

Process-Related Factors Affecting Efficiency and Productivity

Like any software, document management softwares also has a pre-benefit change process. Successful and professional management of this change process is possible only with a partner / company team that will guide you on this way. For this reason, qualified software partners / companies suitable for your sector and specific to your process infrastructures should be preferred.

On the usual adaptation process in change management, life will be a little more difficult and cause extra workload for the users as the software will make employees leave out their comfort zones, but the work efficiency will dramatically increase after the software adaptation process. For right management of this change, right trainings with a right partner and sufficient aftersales support will prevent major problems that may occur. Firms whose needs and expectations are well established can bring systems to life very quickly and smoothly with the right training programs and guidances.

System logic and quality of the implementation works directly affects the easy / fast or difficult / long progress of the process. Software Analysis determines the success of the software project. The competency and experience of related personnel and project managers in software companies is one of the keystones to success. A strong team with a properly done analysis will be your biggest assistant and your most important tool to support the effective use of the system.

Ease of use comes first among users’ expectations in a document management system. A difficult and complex software being easily accepted by users is truly an unexpected situation, regardless of its level of top management support. If companies preffer softwares with user-friendly interfaces (UI) supported by user training videos, Procedures and User manuals effective use can be achieved.

You can reach the instructions about how a Document Management System should be and how it can be used more effectively.

EDMS “Global Document Management System”