5 Tips to Super Boost Your Equipment Management Productivity as an Equipment Manager

Machinery & Equipment management in the construction industry, is one of the important factors  for ensuring project reliability, maintaining profitability and for the success of the project. Proper and systematic management of company’s equipment park directly affects productivity of the project. Work Efficiency can be calculated via work done with certain resources. The person who will calculate this is primarily the machinery and equipment managers.

So what can be done to increase the productivity of your equipment park as a machinery & equipment manager?

Equipment management software is one of the important tools of equipment managers to increase equipment efficiency and control over the equipment park in the construction industry.

Along with digitalization, equipment real-time control and follow-up tools will be your greatest assistant in increasing efficiency.


  1. Maximize Equipment Availability!

The first way to increase your efficiency in equipment management is to maximize availability of your equipment park. The first step you should take to ensure this is to to reduce machine breakdowns. To take action, you need to know the sources of malfunctions and your downtime. Equipment management systems help you on this.

Systems with high-tech solutions such as telemetry integrations help you realize the risk of failure before the failure occurs, helping you to avoid the loss due to breakdowns even possible accidents. It increases the usability by minimizing the equipment’s downtime.

Are breakdowns caused by the improper use of the machine park, or the maintenance not being done properly in time, are there misuse from personnel? Or does your equipment park always lose you money because of the end of the machine life?

Well-designed equipment management systems can give you the answers to all these questions. EGEM “Global Equipment Management System”, designed with ENKA‘s 60 years of experience, can guide you in equipment management.

  1. Reduce Your Machine Equipment Park Management Costs!

Your machine equipment inventory is indispensable for your business. You cannot realize your project without your cranes, loaders, trucks, excavators. There are a number of measures you should take for the most efficient and economical use of these fixtures.

If you have a preventive maintenance plan and equipment inspection schedules that you can follow up properly, it will be easier to check equipment maintenance. Embedded Preventative Maintenance schedules of equipment management systems help you manage these operations. In this way, you can save money on your repair and maintenance processes.

For more information about equipment maintenance and repair processes, please have a look at our blog: How To Reduce Your Costs on Equipment Maintenance and Repair Processes?

If you can plan your maintenance schedules, you can schedule spare parts, which, when and how much you need them, and by this way you can prevent excessive and incorrect stock keeping. This affects your inventory costs and contributes for avoiding the extra costs of excess stocking. ement Via integrated warehouse management systems and integrated stock management modules, equipment management systems enables you to manage your inventory digitally, easily and quickly.

  1. Control Your Fuel Consumptions!

Obviously fuel cost is the biggest cost your equipment park creates. Fuel automation systems, which Equipment Management softwares with integrated fuel automation systems, makes significant contribution to optimizing these costs.

Equipment management software provides efficiency by following your staff’s work orders and machine timetables. When fuel consumption exceeds the expected levels for the specified work order, it warns you and prevents high and unnecessary fuel consumption. With fuel consumption analyze reports, you directly detect overconsuming and inefficient equipment and take action quickly.

  1. Benefit from Technology!

As in every field, developing technology brings innovations that will provide you benefits and conveniences in your equipment management processes. Web-based equipment software, RFID systems, telematics integrations, GPS-supported Geo-fence technologies are just a few of them.

You can access your machine inventory from anywhere in the world with web-based machinery and equipment softwares. You can instantly track the efficiency, fuel consumptions, expenses and instantaneous jobs. Thanks to the equipment tracking software, you can foresee your total equipment expenses that may occur in similar projects that you will tender and you can submit your offer accordingly.

You can automate your manual processes with RFID-supported systems and go ahead to all faults that may occur due to human interactions. With geo-fence systems, you can limit equipment  within a perimeter to perhibit them not to work outside these areas for a more secure control and by this way you can prevent uncontrolled use of inventory with instant location tracking. All these works will return to you as profit, security and success.

  1. Single Transparent Platform for All Your Machinery and Inventory Management!

You can manage a gigantic equipment park from a single system with project-based tracking features of Equipment Management systems. You can adjust the geolocation of your high-budget equipment according to the project schedule, and plan the transfers between the project sites. In this way, you can get maximum efficiency from an equipment and reduce idle time.

In addition to all these, while optimizing your equipment management processes, working with the right partner as well as a strong solution cannot contribute to the result.

It is obvious that companies that convert equipment management processes to digital will have an advantage in the competition in the sector.

Discover how you can achieve successful digital transformation in your company with ENKA Systems solutions …