5 Enterprise Software to Keep Your Employee Work Remote Seamlessly

We are in a situation that has never been encountered anywhere in the world. In 2020, COVID-19 forced many people around the world to work from home. The deadly virus is still the most important issue on the agenda of the whole world. If this process continues – as it seems – more people will start to work from home, and it looks like this will become permanent. Many employees working in different business areas have different difficulties in adapting to this new lifestyle, and these problems sometimes pose an obstacle to the job.



Digital Enterprise Softwares are business solutions that will help your company or department to work more harmoniously and efficiently, cooperate in your projects and increase your production. The compatibility of the systems used for remote operation should be your most important issue at this point. Document Management, Project Management, Human Resources, Procurement, Supplier and Finance Management applications will allow you to manage your company on a web-based basis, as well as being applications that you can manage the basic needs of your company remotely.


1. For Communication, Cooperation, Approvals and File Tracking: EDMS Document Management System

Document Management Systems are web-based communication platforms that enable all of your suppliers, stakeholders and business partners in your global-scale projects or company to work on a single system in trust and cooperation and to manage all document traffic. Conducting all correspondence, drawing, information and approvals through these systems can save you time and prevent errors that may occur.

Conducting communication through Document Management Systems offers a fast, reliable and transparent environment with all concerned, even at home. You can easily access the latest versions of the files and give your approvals with e-signature integration.

With the integrated workflows of Document Management Systems, you can perform all your processes online and work in coordination in the office from the comfort of your home. You can give all the approvals you need through the system.

You can file all your documents and information in your customized formats on the EDMS Global Document Management System, and provide quick access to your content and documents whenever you need them.

2. For Business and Task Tracking: Project Management Systems

Project Management is a phenomenon that encompasses the entire framework of the work and follows all its lines. It is essential for success to use such systems, even in normal times, as well as on remote working days.

Project Management covers the realization, quality, documentation, actual cost and delivery of the work, starting from the cost planning of the work. Corporate Software will provide you great benefits for the quality and coordination of all this process. With web-based project management system solutions, you can monitor all your work in real time, and you can easily see its instant status whether at home or anywhere else.

EDMS “Global Document Management System” and EGVN “Global Supplier Network”, of ENKA Systems solutions, are software solutions specific to your industry that meet your needs in project management.


3.Online Applications for Your Human Resources Processes

Home or remote working systems are elements that will make it a necessity to better manage your human resources. The needs of your employees will change and different needs will arise in these unconventional days. Online evaluations, surveys and similar studies in HR processes will provide you with important information about the needs. All this information can be easily collected and you can take quick action.

Web-based Human Resources Management Systems provide you great convenience for tracking payrolls in hourly paid jobs. The work done can be immediately registered in the system, and the relevant work can be reported and billed.

With over 400,000 users, EGHR‘s web-based infrastructure will be your key to digitally managing all your HR processes.


4. An Integrated System for Purchasing and Supplier Management

Purchasing and Supplier Management are intertwined processes. These processes cannot be considered separately under any circumstances.

Purchases of goods and services constitute the biggest item of the costs, especially in the construction sector. Reducing these expenses is only possible with properly managed supplier relationships. Supplier history is critical to managing your suppliers well and accurately. Web-based purchasing and supplier network software will be your most important means of accessing all this information.

Purchasing is the process where transparency and traceability are most important. With Corporate Purchasing Software, you can guarantee transparency in purchasing and prevent unethical events before they occur.

With the strong supplier management provided by EGVN “Global Supplier Network”, you can increase your purchasing performance and achieve dramatic increases in project budget profit. With the ENKA Budget Control features of EGPS “Global Procurement System”, you can facilitate the delivery of your project in line with your planned budget and on time.


5. Accounting and Finance in Telecommuting

The most important goal of all companies from every sector is to make money. Therefore, finance constitutes the backbone of companies. Choosing technological web-based software in these processes will provide you with great convenience and security during your home working period.

Accounting, financing and cost control software are important tools that contribute to the management of projects within the desired time and budget. Using a single system in the management of the whole provides you operational practicality.

With the integration of EGFS “Global Finance System” with EGPS “Global Procurement System” within the scope of ENKA Budget Control method, it helps you to provide simultaneous and effective cost control in all your projects.