3 Signs That Your Company Urgently Needs a Document Management System
  • %90 of the companies’ corporate memories are kept in physical archives.
  • In a medium-sized company, %7.5 of the document are lost and %3 are stored in the wrong place.
  • Employees spend only 5-15% of their work time on the file, while spending %50 of their daily work time to find this file.

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A web based document management system offers significant operational advantages over traditional physical storage or local digital document network. It contributes to the effective management.

If your company have essential but risk-generating factors such as,

  • Numerous sub-companies, projects or projects at more than one location   High number of qualified staff
  • Critical processes with high budget
  • Specially designed process
  • Large vertical, horizontal or hybrit organization chart
  • Rooms full of physical archive

it means that your company urgently needs a document management system.

Documents are resources for corporate memory of the companies. In scope of each operation minimum a file is being produced, approved within the business and the action is carried out. Documents are corporate information sources for the future that indicate the benefits of these works and whether they are correct.  If this process is not managed properly, problems may arise which can cause critical bussiness affects.

If you have business operations at different locations you need a system to manage a large number of authorized staff spread across different geographic regions.  If your company is a large scaled company, than your budgets and risks are also high.  Your processes and workflows will be complex, comprehensive and long. It is obvious that it will be necessary to look back on last experience while making different decisions.

These are the main findings that show your company needs a Document Control Software.

For information on how to choose a document management system, you can read our “How to Choose a Document Managment System (DMS) for corporate firms?” blog post.

How to Choose a Document Managment System (DMS) for corporate firms?


In addition to digital transformation, Document Management Software also provides you a powerful control mechanism. Version tracking features with QR code help you easily track whether a drawing or file at site or on your desk is on correct version you are looking for.  In this way, you can get rid of the confusions that invalid versioned files may cause.

A large number of files, even in digital, brings the need for version comparison. Tracking changes in each version is important for critical documents. If you cannot track this change, you can make same mistakes again and again, even if you don’t make mistakes, you will lose time. The comparison engine in DMS allows you to easily compare versions of the same file or different files saving you time. You can follow the document flow more easily and can eliminate your mistakes by increasing control over documents.

EDMS Search Engines ensure that the searched file be found in seconds, offers a Windows like familiar use with its metadata and folder structures, allows you to manage your documents with multiple numbers with its multiple flexible numbering system. Thus, you minimize your lost time and efficiency loss. If you waste a lot of time searching for documents, this will be proof that you need a DMS system.

If your company has a complex structure, the authorization system should also be complex enough to support this structure. If there is no flexible authorization mechanism, it may even take years to achieve the digital transformation and reach optimum in your business. Therefore, choosing a DMS in which you can define real-life person roles digitally will greatly reduce your workload. This is another proof you need to invest on a Document Management System.

In a global environment, you may encounter a variety of file types that you cannot plan ahead. Different software, different file extensions, different regulations used in different countries may cause this type of mess. The document software you use must support them all. If you keep all your files on a Windows-based Network, your files in different formats will not be in order, you will need different softwares to open/view them and this will cause you trouble. This means again “ You need a DMS System”. Document System supporting extensions such as .dwg, .ifc, .BIM, will save you from all of these.

If you have a lot of physical documents, it may be impossible to create consolidated reports, analyze them and draw conclusions. Even if it is not considered impossible, it may take a long time to prepare them. Reporting tools in Corporate Document Management Software should contain features that allows you to prepare customized reports in seconds. These reports should be generated automatically according to certain time schedules. Reports can be diversified with their dynamic features, and unlimited visualized structures can be obtained with Javascript and SQL support.

Sharing documents is critical for your company because uncontrolled sharing can create major security gaps. If you are sharing files via email or uncontrolled 3rd party software, review your HR processes because you are walking on a rope that is completely dependant to your staff. You can manage and eliminate your security risks by carriyng all your shares through the Document Management System.

If you experience the above mentioned topics or issues in your business, we strongly recommend you to search for Document Management System (DMS). You can browse the link below.

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