3 Mistakes You Should Never Do When You Choosing Procurement and Tender Software

It’s very difficult to make the right procurement system choice, once the company’s processes and requirements are not analyzed and defined.

EGPS ”Global Procurement System”




Infrastructure and Technology

The first thing you should not, invest in systems that are expired and have not adapted to developing technologies.

  • Collaboration with Web-Based Cloud Products

It is a known fact that technological trends are going towards web-based products in the developing and globalizing world. For your investment to be long-lived and suitable for cloud use, your precondition should be a web-based software selection. By this means, you can manage your operations both in company organization and supplier relationships on interactive platforms with fast processes. With real-time notifications and active approval mechanisms, you can execute your processes much more quickly and practically.

  • Flexibility and Adaptability in the Industry and Company

If the software you choose is a system that does not have enough flexibility, adaptation to your processes becomes almost impossible. Because every business has its procurement and tender processes and workflows, and these processes may not fit into any form. It is also important for compliance that the system is designed according to the needs of the industry you are working in. It is possible to minimize all these risks by choosing software with strong references and used in different countries and sectors. As far as possible, you should receive feedback from companies/vendors that use the software and are registered to the system.

  • Interface and User Experience

Employees will resist non-user friendly and impractical software. This is one of the choices you shouldn’t make. Easy and user-friendly interfaces reduce resistance, increase the active use of applications, shorten the compliance process. User-friendly interfaces offered by modern technologies contribute to the efficiency of companies by increasing user productivity.

  • Integration

In case the selected software product does not work integrated, the probability of success is very low. All information about purchasing activity should be gathered in a repository through integrated systems and managed centrally on a single system. Given such information; vendor selection should be made based on artificial intelligence. It should be possible to manage the end-to-end process in an integrated structure without manual changes or data migration.


Efficient Purchasing and Saving

If procurement and tender software do not save you from low-performance vendors, the selected software is not suitable for you. A right tender system is the most important tool that allows you to discover the vendor that best fits your current budget and technical requirements.

  • Win-Win Structure in Tender

The right e-tender software must be systems that will not offend vendors in the RFQ preparation process and do not contain incorrect configurations. It should be based on the fact that all stages of structure with the Win-Win principle between the companies and vendors. While the system supports the benefits of the company, it should be preventing the vendors to stand out unfairly in the competition. Price etc. In terms of other conditions, the most suitable vendor can be reached by these methods.

  • Distributed, Multi-Country/Multi-Currency Coordination

If the selected procurement and vendor management software has to support limited legislation, you may encounter significant problems in your businesses in global and different locations. Customizable and parametric systems that are suitable for use in all geographies, do not cause problems about different currencies, different language, and legislation and lose your time. In this way, you can implement the product quickly and start to use it.

  • Transparency

In addition to features such as technical features and interfaces of procurement systems, it’s structure must to provides controllability and transparency. Eliminating the risks that may arise from personnel in the procurement process is only possible with strong approval and notification mechanisms that ensure transparency of procurement.

It should be possible all the time to collect offers from the high-performance vendors, to compare offers and select vendors from an objective perspective.

References, Support, and After-Sale Service

Procurement and tender software that manages process management is a product of experience. It presents to companies business manner with Know-How in the systems. This Know-How is the experience of clients who have used the software over the years. You should approach with suspicion to software that hasn’t strong references and global experience.

It should not be forgotten that the decision of tender software will bring along collaboration through long ages. Therefore, it’s very important that after-sales services by the software company. A strong after-sales team, strong references, complete guides, and procedures are significant details about the software company



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