Information Security Policy | ENKA Systems



As ENKA SYSTEMS YAZILIM A.Ş, through its software development activities, marketing, sales, support processes and related operations; we strive to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of all physical and electronic information assets throughout the organization and to reduce the associated risks to an acceptable level.

With the support of all our personnel we aim to internalize the information security culture in our processes in line with the following elements.

  • Documentation, certification and continuous improvement of our information security management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 27001,
  • Compliance with all legal regulations and contracts related to information security,
  • Systematic risk management of information security,
  • Conducting trainings to improve technical and behavioral competencies in order to raise awareness of information security.

When implementing this policy and other sub-policies in the information security management system, our Company complies with the legal obligations and the provisions of agreements concluded with third parties (business partners, customers, service providers) and ensures the continuation of the main and auxiliary activities with minimal interruptions, minimize any loss of income or opportunity arising from security incidents and to ensure compliance with information security requirements.