Vacancies | ENKA Systems



Those who wish to apply for a position at our company can follow vacancies through the portal and apply if they think the advertised position fits their qualifications. In addition, possible candidates may share their CVs with us for a general evaluation through the career pool below. CVs submitted to the career pool are kept for use when necessary and are not shared with other parties.

When a potential candidate applies to ENKA Systems, we review their CVs and phone or e-mail those candidates with the desired qualifications for an interview. The candidates are first interviewed by Human Resources and then by the administrators of the relevant department.

Methods used during selection and placement vary depending on the candidate profile. Other than testing and inventory practices, a number or, when necessary, all of our recruitment tools may be used. Proficiency based interviews with experienced and newly graduated candidates may differ in content.

For experienced candidates who do well in the recruitment process, we contact administrators whom they have listed as references and who have worked with them in a professional context. After checking their references, we make an offer to the positively evaluated candidates verbally and by email.