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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to try before buying?

All ENKA Systems products have a 1-month free demo version.

How can I purchase the software?

Once contact us through various channels, our sales team will be pleased to help you. EGEM (Global Equipment Management), which is also used as a cloud based application, may be purchased online at using a credit card whenever you wish.

Is integration with other software possible?

Our products can be integrated with all other software on the market.

Do you provide 7/24 service support for your users?

Yes. Other than our development and sales them, we have a dedicated user support team. Training, set up and customisation can be carried out with help from our support team.

Can we stop using the software?

You can use our products for any period of time and exit the system if and when you are dissatisfied?

Is additional investment necessary after purchasing the software?

If you use it as a cloud based service, no additional investment is necessary.

We’ve never used software for these tasks before. Would it increase the workload?

Our software is designed to be user friendly. We’ve observed first time users to adjust quickly and lower their workload.

Can others access the content loaded on to the system?

Your data is 100% secure and no one can view content other than authorised users.