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EGHR (Human Resources System) - Overview

EGHR global human resources system is a human resources management software that is flexible enough to adjust to the needs of companies active in different locations and under different national legislations that allows for human resources processes to be managed over a single system and allows for the follow-up of personnel demands, performance assessment, personnel files, claims accruals, labour costs, leave and documents. Using a web based infrastructure, EGHR allows for the payrolls of employees to be viewed, operations such as leave demands and travel information to be carried out online using mobile phones, tablets and computers and with its flexible reporting features it makes processes easier to follow up. In construction, every project functions like a company on its own and once the promised work is completed the project/company comes to the end of its active life.

EGHR allows for forming institutional memory with the dynamics of the construction sector in mind. It focuses on the solution of practical problems experienced at HQ and other locations and the management of domestic and foreign workers using a single system.

Global Human Resouces System

EGHR allows for entries based on the country where the work is located, the employer’s country and the countries of which workers are citizens of and allows for the faultless management of human resources processes over a single system for large scale projects and at many different locations around the world at the same time.

General Features

Personnel Operations

EGHR allows for all data of employees to be recorded and followed-up in detail.

Scoring Follow Up

EGHR allows for daily recording of personnel scoring and easy identification of pay accruals.

Accruals Operations

Using EGHR labour cost distribution can be reported and data may be prepared automatically for the social security system.

Leave Management

EGHR allows for the formation of leave demands for employees that will be sent for approval by administrators.

Training Follow-Up and Performance Assessment

EGHR allows for establishing schedules for in-company or external training plans and for the reporting of personnel training data.

Documents Follow-Up

EGHR allows for recording all documents for employees and access to them on demand in line with user authorisation.


Using EGHR , it is possible to report the list of present personnel documents or the personnel missing documents list as a whole, by personnel, by project or by other criteria.