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EGPS Features

The procurement process is an intense process that requires the active participation of all sub-departments and employees. From the beginning to the end of the project supplies under thousands of headers including supplies, equipment, consumables, spare parts, office and camp supplies will need to be purchased. In some cases, the procurement process may have to take place across different countries. It may not be enough to determine from where, by whom and under which conditions the supplies will be procured. It may also be necessary to follow-up the manufacturing of supplies, carry out tests and observations at various stages or have third parties do them, get the approval of the employer, designer and controller before transfer and intervene early in possible mishaps and errors in the production process.

With its functional technical features, EGPS allows for you to manage every step of this process properly, to keep the necessary records, to produce reports and to establish rapid and effective communication between all participants to the process.

Demand Management

EGPS allows for detailed recording and follow-up of goods and services purchase demands foreseen for procurement. At the demand stage, EGPS allows for budget control, sends necessary notifications to the budget director and prevents lack of communication with relevant units at every step of the process. It prevents confusion by allowing you to form demands by project and responsibility district. EGPS allows for required supplies types and amounts to be entered by project activity, along with the timing of procurement. With EGPS’s approval flow mechanism, management of the demand process takes place flawlessly.

Offers and Tender Management

EGPS allows for the management of tenders, offer and evaluation process of approved demands. Procurement officials may determine the type of tender over EGPS and send out a call for offers to vendors online. EGPS allows for the offers by vendors and online tenders to be entered to the system. EGPS ensures that the process is ran flawlessly, rapidly and easily by sending the outputs of offers received and the tender to the procurement unit as a comparative table.

Procurement Order Management

EGPS ensures the recording and control of the procurement order process to be ran with the vendor identified at the end of the offer and tender evaluation process. EGPS allows for preparing the procurement order and contract on the system and allows for the management of the procurement order with the approval flow mechanism. EGPS allows for users to convey approved procurement orders to the vendor and follow-up the stipulations of technical contracts for procurement orders. Therefore, all documents related to the order can be added to the system and viewed on it.

Monitoring Supplies Flow

EGPS allows for the follow-up of the transfer of procured supplies to relevant locations, entry and exit from storage processes and the management of stock control. EGPS allows for the follow-up of the delivered process of the supplies and the accurate recording of the reception of delivered supplies after counting and measuring and their entry to storage.  In case the delivered supplies do not comply with pre-set specifications or are delivered in inadequate amounts or with damage, EGPS allows for forming reports and managing return, damages and insurance processes. Using EGPS, it is possible to report on stock status by location and district of responsibility in physical and monetary amounts. EGPS records the exit of supplies from storage by demander and location of use.

Quality Management

EGPS contributes significantly to complying with quality requirements by providing monitoring of all supplies from the stage of identifying needs to leaving storage. It allows for controlling whether the rights supplies have been procured according to technical specifications. EGPS can record sources of supplies and equipment that are suitable to the organisation’s needs once they have been identified through market research. Project planning and manufacturing control processes can be managed using EGPS and vendors can be evaluated. EGPS provides supervisors with transparent information on procurement efficiency and effectiveness and reporting according to needs. By logging all data recorded, it offers monitoring and control possibilities.