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EGEM (Equipment Management System) Overview

EGEM (Global Equipment Management System) is a very comprehensive machinery and equipment management system that is designed for companies to manage their various machinery and equipment pools of different sizes and allows to record all movements and costs of machinery and equipment including repair-maintenance schedules, sale, return, transfer to other locations and scrapping.

EGEM comes with five modules that are Fleet Management, Measurement and Testing Equipment, Repair and Maintenance, Storage and Management.

Global Equipment Management System

With its web based infrastructure and multiple language inputs EGEM allows for the machinery-equipment pool distributed over different locations to be mobile managed over a single platform and for the equipment tags to be followed-up. EGEM allowed for equipment, construction yards and office environments to be organised, costs to be lowered, efficiency to increase and workplace safety and employee health to be managed effectively. EGEM can be used over as cloud based software.

General Features

Detailed Equipment Data

EGEM records all information about machinery and equipment in detail, allows for follow-up and reporting.

Equipment Repair and Maintenance Follow-Up

EGEM allows for forming schedules for the periodic and preventative maintenance of pieces of equipment and to record outcomes of inspections.

Follow-Up Equipment Documents

EGEM allows for all documents belonging to a piece of machinery or equipment to be recorded and followed-up ın the equipment tag.

Management of Out of Use Equipment

EGEM allows for the follow-up of scrapping, return and sale processes of equipment used on projects.<br />

Follow-Up Equipment Costs

EGEM records all costs accruing from a piece of equipment, including ownership and operational costs.

Equipment Transfers

EGEM provides the real time status of all equipment and machinery in the pool and allows for machinery-equipment transfers to be managed easily on the system.

Reports for Equipment

With EGEM, many reports may be created under the headings equipment, fuel consumption, costs and preventative maintenance.