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Benefits of using BIM

EDMS has a module called BIM Suite to support BIM (Building Information Modelling) standards. EDMS becomes a highly advanced Common Data Environment (CDE) product that supports BIM standards such as PAS1192, NATSPEC with the BIM Suite module.

It has been observed that there is a substantial increase in cost in coordination, materials and labour items due to the fact that process stakeholders have not used a common language and format. If the projects do not result in the expected date and time, prestige and financial loss will occur. BIM eliminates duplication of work and saves time and extra masculine. Thanks to BIM, faults are resolved in the source, yet in the design phase. Regulations, drawings, information and images for a shared model are displayed by the relevant units, allowing for a transparent and clear workflow. Conflicts are resolved in real time without long review cycles and without delay. Due to the volume of project models it becomes almost impossible to distribute files safely and efficiently. It is not possible to send a file by e-mail, and FTP sites do not provide the required access control or audit permission. With the EDMS BIM Suite module, you can view, download or download notes without regard to size. Three dimensional models can be displayed on EDMS. All operations that can be performed on other document types can also be performed on these models.

In the direction of the needs, the features of the models can be expanded.

EDMS also supports working with BIM standards as well as in accordance with company procedures, employer specifications and different country legislation. Thus, together with the BIM Standards, obligations such as company or official institutional procedures are supported.