Why Use EGVN?

With EGVN Vendors and Processes are Under Control

Quality Under Control


One of the largest and most significant expense headings in a project are procurements. Procurements from vendors need to take place at an acceptable cost and on time, without compromising on quality.

EGVN global vendor network management system allows you to control and manage all vendors in a central system, using all forms of assessment. EGVN allows you to standardise terms, practices and expectations.

Cost Management

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EGVN global vendor network allows for cost management of contracts. You can list contracts with vendors from the past to the present to assess them, view important conditions and take renewal notification or termination

Easy Access to Documents

With EGVN, store all documents describing work processes for vendors in a single spot. With global document management, documents for vendors become regular, routine and more easily controlled.

Increased Vendor Performance

With EGVN, vendor efficiency increases considerably.
The best aspect of the Global Vendor Network Software is that it forms a scalable, dependable, process based work flow.
EGVN allows for vendors to be scored on system and for the reporting of scoring while the process is underway or once it is over.

Comparison and Reporting

Successful construction firms draw strength from good vendors. You can control for the performance of vendors over years with EGVN and prepare reports for companies supplying the same service to assess their performance on a cost-benefit analysis basis. With EGVN’s scheduled reporting tool, you can issue periodical reports.