Why Use EGEM?

With EGEM Get Maximum Efficiency from Machine and Equipment Inventory

Knowing the Inventory


The most important advantage leant by the Equipment Management programme is having full knowledge of what is in the inventory.

It is not enough to know the contents of the inventory. Information on the physical current status of inventory items is also necessary. EGEM provides valuable information on equipment.

EGEM Global Equipment Management software helps you have full knowledge of what is in your machinery and equipment inventory and offers a true solution to ensuring the inventory’s work, maintenance and efficiency.

Decreasing Paper Work

Using software for machinery and equipment management removes dependency on printed documents.
With EGEM, information is arranged automatically. Repair and maintenance personnel can view all information about work orders on their computers or mobile devices.
Repair and maintenance personnel will no longer have to search through folders and cabinets to find the information they need.

Forming Efficient Work Orders

Equipment management software allows you to plan, assign and shut down work orders rapidly and easily, increasing the flow of work and efficiency. EGEM allows for configuring screens, following-up all work orders on the system automatically, checking on the history of every piece of equipment and forming future plans.

Increasing Equipment Efficiency

EGEM equipment management software may be accessed online from any location.
EGEM ensures that supervisors can reach real time information, check inventory and start work orders from any location.
EGEM provides detailed information about necessary procedures, components and vehicles and allows for work without delay or interruptions.

Planning Maintenance

EGEM equipment management software prevents maintenance problems and costly repair issues and makes the timing of inspections and maintenance automatic. The transformation from reactive maintenance to proactive maintenance lowers the cost of maintenance and increases the longevity of equipment.

Increasing Workplace Security

EGEM equipment management software helps the regular inspection of equipment, carry out maintenance and meet security standards in order to prevent break-downs and critical errors.
EGEM minimises the loss of work time due to accidents and makes equipment safer for both operators and the environment.

Complying with Regulation Standards

As projects are realised, equipment need to comply with national and international regulation standards. All companies face periodic and random inspections by regulatory authorities. EGEM equipment management software ensures compliance with the regulations and for necessary preparation for inspections to be carried out. With EGEM, supervisors can produce reports of maintenance work carried out on equipment and that detail documentation for machinery. EGEM ensures that compliance with national and international standards is easily monitored.

Reducing Idle Machinery and Idle Time

Interruptions to a project can lead to a loss of income and costs such as the damage to the brand and reputation of the firm.
When you focus on planned, preventative maintenance, interruptions arising from equipment are minimised. EGEM allows for the machinery and equipment pool to be maintained regularly and stops machinery from remaining idle and ensures that employees use their time effectively.

Preventing Confusion about Spare Parts

It can be difficult to procure necessary spare parts on time without using equipment management software. EGEM allows for relevant personnel to follow-up spare parts and to organise spare parts operations automatically. With EGEM you can have the right spare parts at hand and carry out repairs on time. EGEM displays where the needed spare parts are precisely and ends confusion over spare parts at storage units.