Why Use EDMS?

Save time and achieve success with EDMS

Increasing Communication and Cooperation


Using EDMS document management system encourages faster and easier cooperation between employees, especially if they are spread out over different locations

Offering the opportunity to rapidly access and share documents, EDMS allows for all users to work on the same project without any hassle.

With various features offered by EDMS software, documents can be stored and shared among employees.


What do you do when you go on business trips, when you can not reach a bunch of documents when you want to work at home or at a different location?
You have to stop work, postpone it or work inefficiently because a document you cannot axes undermines the project! It is not always possible to take all documents with you or load them to your computer!
With EDMS you can access all your documents from anywhere with an internet connection, as though you were at the office.

Working with the Correct and Up-to-date Version

In large projects, it can be very difficult to save updated documents and keep information flowing, which can become an insurmountable obstacle. With the EDMS document management system, you will be free of such problems. With EDMS, it is easier to follow documents and keep them up-to-date compared to any other system. Users can easily upload documents and manage updates and versions online using the BIM (Building Information Model).

Making Savings and Using Time Effectively

We understand very well the saying “time is money”. Using EDMS, work systematically and with a programme to work with minimum or no error, without getting lost among documents and using time efficiently
Organising and filing all documents on EDMS allows you to reach accurate information on time.
With the advanced and dynamic search engine, words, labels, categories, sub-categories and meta data can be easily found and used.

Increasing Efficiency

Loading, organising, following and sharing documents using the EDMS document management system will save you about 50% of the time it takes otherwise. Employees are therefore more productive and efficient. EDMS allows for all documents and data of the company to be stored digitally in a single location. Data on EDMS can be accessed everywhere from authorised computers and mobile devices.

Informing the Entire Team

Using the version control function for documents on EDMS to update them, you can send notifications to relevant parties.
Once all users have been informed about the latest situation, you can demand feedback from them to confirm they have read it and set them a deadline.
You can prevent problems arising from files not being sent or employees not receiving the update and ensure that the entire team is aware of the latest information.