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What's BIM?

Every organisation has a different information system and incompatibility between systems can prevent rapid and accurate information sharing between different partners in the project.

BIM, which ensures productivity gains in the construction industry and digitally supports the planning, construction and maintenance processes of buildings allows for information sharing between engineers, employers, architects and contractors.  BIM does not consist of the 3D modelling of a single facility. It is also not just a calculation or data storage programme, but an information management system.

BIM is a process that is used to form and manage all information in a project – before, during and after construction. BIM may be used actively in all steps from the planning and design of an architectural project to construction and finish, and ensures that teams are in communication and the flow of information between parties.

For the efficient functioning of the application process, BIM uses a shared parametric format. This format is known as Industry Foundation Classes (IFC).