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EGHR Details

  • Detailed follow-up of personnel distributed at the global scale through a single system
  • Simple, user-friendly, fast, flexible interface
  • Compatibility with the legislation of different countries
  • Personnel management operations over a single registry
  • Follow-up of claims, accruals, payroll and labour costs according to legislation of different countries
  • Daily, person based or whole set scoring follow-up
  • Formulising regular additional payments or cuts for reporting as automatic payroll
  • Leave demands and approvals
  • Advanced reporting features compatible with the legislation of different countries
  • Authority based follow-up and classification of documents
  • Feature that allows employs to manage their own information and transactions
  • Training follow-up and performance assessment
  • Personal interface secured by username and password
  • Data transfers from MS Excel
  • Integration with other systems, web based application
  • Advanced free reporting