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EGVN (Global Vendor Network System) - Overview

The EGVN (Global Vendor Network) is a global vendor management system developed to form information pools covering all vendors, contractors and subcontractors for companies and to allow users from around the world to access this information, allowing them to carry out robust vendor assessment based on the standards framework.

With its web based infrastructure, EGVN offers companies engaged in very large scale projects or are active at different locations around the world at the same time to flawlessly manage their vendors in different geographies, locations and sectors with which they have established working relationships.

Global Vendor Network Management System

  • Detailed Vendor Data
  • Updating Vendor Information
  • Following-Up Documents for Vendors
  • Evaluating Vendors
  • Reporting

General Features

Detailed Vendor Data

EGVN records all data for vendors in detail and allows for their follow-up.

Updating Vendor Information

EGVN sends users notifications for approval and information.

Following-Up Documents for Vendors

EGVN allows for all documents for vendors of goods and services to be recorded under different categories on the vendor card and for their monitoring.

Evaluating Vendors

EGVN allows for vendors to be scored on system and for the reporting of scoring while the process is underway or once it is over.


EGVN provides detailed reports for all recorded information. It allows for the vendor information pool to be monitored on a single system and immediate access to the information desired.