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EGFS (Finance Management System) - Overview

EGFS global finance system is a software system designed for the follow-up of accounting, finance and cost control operations by project for multi-company and multicurrency operations. EGFS offers organisations that undertake large scale projects and are active at more than one location around the world end-to-end and unmatched accounting, finance and cost control solutions.

EGFS has a flexible infrastructure that may be customised to fit the needs of different companies and projects. With its flexible account plan infrastructure and alternative reporting codes, it is possible to use EGFS to draw up different reports that include different breakdowns and categorisations in line with the regulations of different countries. The approval flow and the process of functioning of the system can be changed to fit the needs of different organisations. There is no need to change processes to fit EGFS, as EGFS fits different work processes.

Global Accounting and Finance Management System

A web based application, EGPS allows hundreds of users around the world to access accounting, finance and cost control data securely and in keeping with the level of authorisation they have been assigned by the system administrator.

General Features

Bookkeeping and Approval Operations

Features approval flow that can be customised for companies and project organisations for all operations.


EGFS uses currency sets to provide all reports in desired currency.

Budget and Financial Control

Cost control reports may be formed according to accruals and cash.

Transactions between Companies and Firms

EGFS allows for internal bills and receipts within your different companies and projects to be managed consistently and compatibly.

Cash Flow Management

EGFS allows for all debtor and creditor account transactions to be entered using payment and collection plans and for deposit and bank transactions to be related to the payment and collection plans.

E-Bill and E-Account Integration

EGFS features integration of e-bills with e-accounts.

Fixed Assets

EGFS allows for the integration of fixed assets transactions with general accounting.

Document Management

The original document for transactions is scanned and saved to the data entry screen.