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EDMS (Document Management System) - Overview

EDMS (Document Management System) is a global electronic document and project management system developed by ENKA Systems, that allowed companies to create dynamic documents for all their workflows, to store these documents electronically for access by all their users and stakeholders from anywhere around the world.

EDMS has been designed for e-archiving and live document management and offers a storage, sharing and cooperation platform through which millions of company documents can be managed using a single system, users around the world can access them rapidly and easily and all functions carried out on documents throughout their lifecycle is recorded and controlled.

Global Document Management System

Document management is a process that requires the effective participation of the project documentation unit, as well as all users involved in the project including employers, designers, consultants, controllers, project managers, HQ users, support teams, manufacturers, vendors and sub-contractors.  EDMS users can create documents, upload documents, update or revise them based on their level of authorisation.

General Feature

All documents are synchronised in the background between relevant locations.

Advanced Search Engine

EDMS contains a very advanced search engine, similar to Google™.

Advanced Interface

EDMS screens have been developed by interface experts, using the latest technology.

EDMS can customise the types of documents used in projects.

Dynamic Reporting Features

EDMS includes a dynamic reporting features, as well as a dynamic document structure.

Version Revision Follow-Up

EDMS saves and displays all changes made to documents as separate versions.

During review, visual and written notes may be taken on documents by writing on, drawing or colouring the desired portions of documents.

Document Sharing and Approval System / Transmittals

Documents uploaded to or updated within the EDMS system can be made to go through an approval process before publication.

My Drive and Common Drive

My Drive EDMS provides private working space for users.

Web Based Authorised Access

Access to EDMS is possible from computers, tablets and smart phones around the world by entering a username and password.